WaterCare Battery Replacement

Our WaterCare water softeners and conditioners have a replaceable backup battery, so that when one goes out--you won’t have to stress and call for maintenance. This battery is used to maintain the Time Of Day--if after a power outage, you happen to notice a blinking or flashing Time Of Day screen on your unit, your backup battery may be depleted and needs to be replaced.


After unplugging the unit, you’ll want to remove the cover around the screen and buttons. To do this, you simply find the tabs on the right and left sides of the screen and pull back towards yourself. Once you have access to the backup battery, you’ll find it on the upper left-hand side of the circuit board. Carefully remove the backup battery with a non-metallic tool by gently pushing it up and out of the small holster that it’s situated in. The battery within the machine is one that is readily available to you from local drugstores, so don’t ever worry about finding a replacement.


To replace the battery, once you’ve disposed of the old one, simply slide the new battery back into its holster and be sure to firmly press down. Once you’re finished replacing the cover and restoring power to the unit, you’ll be able to reset the Time Of Day clock, and your system will function as normal.

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