WaterCare® Company Story

“Water is the base of all life, and it offers challenges that you can’t believe, and making the water right for people--It’s a humanitarian thing.” says founder and CEO of WaterCare, Glenn Gruett. “I had a one-bedroom home that had a coal-burning furnace and a garage.” He laughs, before continuing. “And I started building water softeners in my garage. My wife was putting them together, and I remember that Kurt was a baby and she would throw him a cookie in the hamper,” He laughs again at the memory. “And build the equipment while I was out trying to peddle it.”


Becoming more serious, he says “The first biggest expenditure I ever made was, I purchased a small plane. I made the whole circuit through 5 distributors in one week--which would’ve taken me three weeks to do without the airplane.” He shrugs, and grins. 


“Being part of the WaterRight business back in the early years--we, you know, we were never given allowance.” Says Kurt Gruett, now the president of WaterCare, reminiscing on his and his brother’s childhood around the Company. “We were given the opportunity to work. We saw the passion in our father, and that was kind of instilled in us--and we kinda took the torch, if you will, and carried that passion along.” 


Now, after over 60 years in business, WaterCare is an international operation with multiple brands and a growing network of professionals. “You’re gonna see the service, a breadth of equipment that is unparalleled by our competition. But more importantly, I think--is just the family feel.” Kurt finishes. 


“All my life,” Says CEO Glenn Gruett, “I’ve wanted to find good people in the industry. If you have good people to work with, you’ll build a successful company.” 


“This is kinda how we treat all the employees, I mean, if you work hard and try, you’re gonna succeed at WaterCare.” Affirms Kurt. 


WaterCare has led the way in developing multiple industry innovations. “We like to play with stuff.” Kurt says, “We’re a bunch of MacGuyver’s. There’s always a better way--a new way to do something. It makes it fun, and it’s not only just the family--there have been great ideas from employees.” The president says, proud of the company and its employees. “So, it’s kind of built into the culture of the company.”


“I just can’t believe how far this business has come.” States Glenn, “and how well, it’s come far.” WaterCare is poised to lead the way in the industry’s future. 


“There’s going to be a shift in how water is used in the United States,” Says Kurt Gruett, “What kind of water is delivered to the home versus industry. And somebody’s going to have to clean that water up.” 


“I have never seen more challenges in the water business than we have today.” Confirms his father, Glenn. “You’re not always gonna hit the challenge--we fail as much as we succeed. But at least we’re trying.” He states firmly. “Once you’ve met a challenge, that really lights a fire.” He finishes by saying, “It’s only just begun.”

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