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Crystal Water Care offers a variety of products for water purification, allowing us to meet any needs you might have.

We offer both commercial reverse osmosis systems and home RO water purification. Reverse osmosis is the most modern purification process available, used by the high-end bottle water suppliers. While it's common knowledge that bottled water is 'just tap water', the tap matters. Most municipal water supplies use chlorine to kill bacteria, an impurity unto itself that can affect taste and satisfaction. Reverse osmosis kills bacteria and filters other impurities reliably, without the addition of chemicals, keeping your water safe and tasty.

Crystal Water Care offers salts for purification as well, as well as salt delivery service all throughout the Carolinas. We work to guarantee that getting the salts you need is as easy as possible. Get in touch, and we'll have what you need on its way from our Fayetteville-area warehouse on your schedule, so you get the salts you need when you need them.

All our products come with a guaranteed warranty and no contracts. We understand that helping our customers get rid of hard water shouldn't require a hard sale. Our products and services are backed by nearly four decades of experience, so we don't have any need to put our customers on the hook. We're in this to earn your loyalty, not push you into signing it over.

Whether you're looking to install a commercial reverse osmosis system for a business venture, or something more modest for your home, give us a call and let us go to work for you. We'll use every one of our 38 years of experience for your water treatment systems.
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Crystal Water Care provide RO Water Purifiers and Commercial  Reverse Osmosis Systems
​Crystal Water Care offers a number of products, but our centerpieces are our RO water purifiers.
​Crystal Water Care offers salts for purification as well, as well as salt delivery service all throughout the Carolinas.
​We provide RO water purifiers for both home use, giving you access to the same technology used to purify bottled water.
Cystal Water Care also has a Salt Delivery Service